New single 'Minimal Stuffing' is out now on all platforms.

Uber Beats Vol.2 - Live Stream

If you don't understand this Uber Beats vol 2 business - basically we're live streaming this Friday night. Bringing the beats to your lounge room (get it?! Uber Beats?!) We've made a rather confusing flow chart to help you understand...

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New single out now on all platforms.

It's our Tijuana Cartel sound, but with some extra trippier synthesised elements. It's the first single from our new album 'Acid Pony' due out later this year. So put some headphones on and lose yourself! >>>

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Solbar | Binge S01E06

  Tijuana cartel  LIVE at Solbar THIS SUNDAY Get ya tix   Gigs are back, and this time, it's personal. This winter, coming to a Solbar near you, 2020s most binge-worthy series of gigs is the hottest sh*t since...

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