New Album ‘Psychedelicatessen’ Out

The seed for ‘Psychedelicatessen’ was planted way back in ’78 when Double J broadcast a psychedelic road trip from Brisbane to Sydney called ‘What’s Rangoon to you is Grafton to me’. What was then a ‘quintessentially Australian gonzo rant’ is now a cult classic radio play that intrigued TC’s singer/songwriter/guitarist, Paul George, for years. ‘Psychedelicatessen’ is Tijuana Cartel’s tribute to the play and to its author, Russell Guy.

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New Album | 24 Bit Guitar Orchestra

We’re proud to announce our latest masterpiece ‘ 24Bit Guitar Orchestra‘. Grab it from iTunes, JB-HiFi or bandcamp. 1. Enkidu – An epic Middle Eastern onslaught of enchanting melodic riffery, whomping bass and stonking beats. 2. Ninhursag – According to the Sumerians, Ninhursag created mankind from a mixture of blood and clay. Here, tribal earthy rhythms and uber-deep bass speak

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