First stop Bali, then to starlight to Europe and the UK for shows in Germany, Spain, Amsterdam, Belgium,  Edinburgh and Portugal with the Finale at Burning Man in Nevada. We’ll post a full list of festivals and venues when everything goes concrete.



  • Christos

    Hi I m Christo fr Greece isle of lesbos own a cocktail bar
    Wondering if you like to come for a gig at parasol(the bar)
    at summer when you are in Europe .don’t worry you are
    famous here

  • moi

    do you need a roadie!?!

  • Jeff

    Just got back from Fusion festival. Saw you guys there on the seebühne. It was one of the best shows I have seen in ages. Really glad I bought your cd too, it sounds great, but you were even better live. Can’t wait for you to come to London. Enjoy the tour!!!!

  • Anthony

    Just caught the gig in Edinburgh – awesome, really enjoyed it. Very rare that folk get up and dance here abouts too – you should be proud!

  • Tresca

    Recently been listening the you guys and really loving your sound. Wanted to suggest you guys do Meredith this year. Don’t know where you’ll be in December but please do consider. Meredith is a totally awesome festival and you guys would be perfect.
    have fun at burning man, i’ve heard its amazing!

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